12th Annual Ohio Brew Week Dates Announced!

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Mark your calendars, Brew lovers! Ohio Brew Week will be back for another pour July 14-22nd, 2017 Look for plenty more details soon!

12 years of great times in Athens, Ohio. Hope to see you there!

Stay cool (or keep warm) in Athens with Dean Heating and Cooling

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It’s that time of the year. Ohio’s bitter cold has turned into sweltering summer heat. Spring seems like a distant memory. Is there ever a spring here? It’s too hot to remember. Give your brain and body a chance to cool down and relax. Call Dean Heating and Cooling.

It may seem crazy that Ohio Brew Week is turning 10 this year, but Dean Heating and Cooling has been serving the area for more than 15 ... Read More

Cincinnati’s Christian Moerlein produces historically beloved brews for the modern craft beer age

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Since this Ohio Brew Week marks our tenth anniversary, 2015 is all about history. Well, ten years seems a little quaint when compared to the history of Christian Moerlein Brewing Company. Opened in 1853 in Cincinnati, the company was already over half a century old when Prohibition rudely forced it to close its doors.

Christian Moerlein was a craftsmen through and through. In the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, he worked as a blacksmith after leaving Bavaria for America. ... Read More

Creative cider meets local spirits at the West End Cider House

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While Ohio Brew Week celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, 2015 brings another birthday in the world of local libations. Last May marked the opening of the West End Cider House, reviving the space occupied a decade ago by the West End Tavern. A far cry (but only a short walk) from the party atmosphere of the closely-packed uptown bars, the West End Cider House provides a high-quality, specialized drinking experience. Head zymurgist Kelly Sauber ... Read More

The Athens Real Estate Company continues 10-year tradition of OBW involvement

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Since Ohio Brew Week’s began 10 years ago, The Athens Real Estate Company has been there. “We were always on founder Dan Gates’ ‘first call’ list. We’ve not only contributed financially, we also have lent out our real estate moving truck to haul full kegs from various cities around Ohio, and empty kegs back. And for a couple of years, we also provided temporary office space where Brew Week stored items and ran its operations,” ... Read More

Beloved local restaurant Casa Nueva embodies sustainable Athens values

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If you ask an Athenian about what makes Athens “Athens,” nine times out of ten Casa Nueva would be part of their answer. That’s because the worker-owned cooperative restaurant has embodied movements such as locally sourced food for decades before “locavore” was a national buzz-word.

Established in 1985, Casa Nueva nestled itself firmly in the hearts of Southeast Ohioans with its unique take on Mexican-inspired dishes and community-focused business practices. At Casa Nueva, the connection between ... Read More

Classic Brands supplies beer from macro to micro for OBW

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Classic Brands is a locally owned full service beer distributorship that employees 37 people from the area, according to Mark Bisang, General Manager of Classic Brands Athens. “We distribute products from Anheuser-Busch, Yuengling, Mikes Hard Lemonade, New Belgium, and Portsmouth Brewery (our only craft Beer that is brewed in Ohio),” Bisang stated

As a current and past sponsor of Ohio Brew Week, those at Classic Brands have seen first-hand the draw this event has on tourism ... Read More

Willoughby serves up an Ohio Brew Week fan-favorite beer

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Willoughby Brewing Company boasts an impressive portfolio of beers, from Brute’s Quad to Little Dipper Extra Pale Ale. But there’s a reason why the Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter sits at the top of the normally alphabetized list. Willoughby Brewing Co.’s award-winning Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter (PBCCP) always proves to be one of the most raved about craft brews at Ohio Brew Week. In past years, high demand for the beer has made the ... Read More

Ohio’s lauded Thirsty Dog Brewing Co. returns as decorated long-time brew week favorite

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You know a brewery is doing something right when they have an entire section of their website dedicated to awards. When you browse through the huge list of decorated brews, it would be easy to think that maybe they’re doing everything right.

Thirsty Dog Brewing Company in Akron, Ohio has been doing it since 1997. 10 years ago, John Najeway of Thirsty Dog Brewing was one of the first brewers to see potential in a new ... Read More

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Athens welcomes beer enthusiasts

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Although Ohio Brew Week is intended to showcase the talents of craft beer brewers, they aren’t the only ones who take the time to shine. Since signing on as sponsor in 2008, those at Holiday Inn Express & Suites have enjoyed the opportunity to watch the program grow over the years, as well as providing a safe, welcoming environment for those travelers from out of town.

The excitement that Ohio Brew Week brings to Athens is ... Read More