Athens-Real-Estate-CompanySince Ohio Brew Week’s began 10 years ago, The Athens Real Estate Company has been there. “We were always on founder Dan Gates’ ‘first call’ list. We’ve not only contributed financially, we also have lent out our real estate moving truck to haul full kegs from various cities around Ohio, and empty kegs back. And for a couple of years, we also provided temporary office space where Brew Week stored items and ran its operations,” Russell Chamberlain, Broker/Owner of The Athens Real Estate Company, explained.

Chamberlain remembers early on when John Sparhawk and Dan Gates were first drumming up ideas to bring people to Athens during the dead heat of summer. “It seemed like a no-brainer to give local adults something fun to look forward to when the crush of OU students were out of town, but it took these forward-thinking guys to think big enough and creatively enough to lay an egg that had the potential to hatch into the big, sure-footed bird that Brew Week is today. As soon as our company saw the egg starting to hatch, we knew right away we wanted to be a part of this great local event.

“The Athens Real Estate Company has, from its inception, been an ardent supporter of the arts and various festivals and event in our area. From bigger events like the Nelsonville Music Festival, the Ohio Paw Paw Festival, and Brew Week, to smaller fundraisers like the Chili Bowl Cook Off, the Special Olympics Polar Plunge, and the Habitat for Humanity Tent City, The Athens Real Estate Company reinvests in our local community day in and day out. We love to be a part of it all!” Chamberlain added.