Put the party in Brew Week

Broneys Alumni Grill has been an OBW favorite ever since it was established in 2006, the year of the second ever Ohio Brew Week. Located at the intersection of Carpenter and Court Streets in Athens, Broneys will probably be the first bar you see on your way into town.

Imagine a relaxing afternoon, pint of craft beer in hand, comfortably seated on the large shaded patio, sun illuminating the beautiful brick streets. Across from you, the historic Athens armory stands surrounded by colorful beds of bright summer flowers. From your vantage point, you can see the lush hills of Southeast Ohio, and raise your glass to our great state. That’s what makes Brew Week at Broneys great.

Of course, OBW is also a big party, and no one does a party better than Broneys. Featuring a spacious interior with two bars, every night during Brew Week can turn into a raucous good time.

Did we mention they’ve got a wide range of your favorite bar foods, including wings, burgers, nachos and sandwiches? Broneys is a great place for big groups to find the space and hospitality they need during Brew Week.



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