Jackie O’s continues to wow beer fans and support community

If you’re visiting Ohio Brew Week, you probably know Jackie O’s Pub and Brewery.

For most of a decade, Jackie O’s was the only brewery in town. In that time, they cranked out a massive variety of brews, from poundable IPAs to crazy experimental bottles. The company expanded with the spacious public house, a separate production facility/taproom and a farm to supply the restaurant and brewery.

Even with a decade of change, the last couple of years have seen some of the biggest developments, including a roof full of solar panels, a huge production expansion and the statewide distribution of seasonal cans such as summer’s “New Growth” spruce-tip IPA.

This past year also marked the start of wider distribution of Jackie O’s sour beers, including Berliner Weisse and other complex, flavorful offerings made using their unique house cultures. Just remember, these are not kettle sours.

If you know Jackie O’s, you’ve probably also heard of the Union Street fire.

In November 2014, a large blaze broke out on the block of Union Street that houses part of Jackie O’s. The fire completely gutted other buildings on its way to the Public House. Jackie O’s lost its kitchen, and the bar and restaurant received major smoke and water damage.

Last year, a renovated Jackie O’s Public House made its return to Brew Week. The updated menu offers locally sourced steak specials and more food/beer integration. Fans of the core Jackie O’s line should try the Razz Wheat vinaigrette or Chomolungma mustard.

Jackie O’s already established themselves as an Ohio craft beer staple. Now into their second decade, they’ve continued to ramp up all the aspects of craft and quality that made them stand out.

To keep up with Jackie O’s and all their new projects, make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Tag a picture of you drinking one of their brews, they’d love to see it!


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