Devilishly Good

Owner and brewer Cameron Fuller won awards at the Ohio Brew Week competition for years. As the accolades piled up, he kept being pushed in one direction– open his own brewery. Thankfully for Athens (and Ohio) last June he did just that. He took his recipe book and worked to scale up his decorated brews on a state-of-the-art system, while creating some new ones in the process.

The Demon Blood imperial stout is an award-winner from Brew Week’s past, and you can tell. In a world full of imperial stouts, it’s a standout. While the brewery’s name is outspoken, Fuller is also fan of understated beer styles such as English Milds and dark lagers, providing a refreshing respite from the world of extreme brews. But he can do those too. Case in point — 97 Columbus, a pitch-black beer that absorbs light like some kind of outer space phenomenon. Or the unique, beguilingly strong blond Spider Silk.

Whatever end of the beer spectrum you want to try, make a stop out to 97 Columbus Road this Brew Week for some Devil’s Kettle beer.



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