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**Brewpub side**

Each year, Jackie O’s brews a special batch of beer to commemorate one of OBW’s founders, Jon Sparhawk.

A new Tradition has been born with the blessing of the Sparhawk family. Rather than brewing Sparbock every year, Jackie O’s has collaborated with Ohio University’s Chemistry Department’s summer brewing class to pick a recipe winner to be the new Brew Week Brew. This brew will honor Jon Sparhawk in a new way by allowing different classes to come up with new flavors that are released during Ohio Brew Week.

This year’s chosen recipe is called Honey Sunrise. It is a Pale Ale brewed with Orange Blossom honey and apple purée. Brewed in collaboration with the Ohio University Chemistry 4501 Brewing Science class members.

Jon Sparhawk was a huge supporter of small businesses and promoting young entrepreneurs. This is an excellent opportunity to honor him and grow our base of new brewers.

Join us and raise a glass to Jon, hear from our Executive Director Brandon Thompson and join in on one of OBW’s longest running events!