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Celebrate Ohio Brew Week with a scenic boat ride, dinner & drinks at Burr Oak State Park. Burr Oak Getaways has partnered with Burr Oak Lodge & Conference Center to bring you a fun and peaceful evening at Burr Oak State Park. Climb aboard and enjoy a scenic ride on Athens’ northernmost beauty, Burr Oak Lake! During this 1.5 hour pontoon tour, your interpretive guide will treat you to some little-known facts about the valley before the lake was created. After the cruise, the boat will dock at Burr Oak Lodge where you will walk up the hill to the Cardinal Dining Room & Bar for an all-inclusive meal paired with beers.

Time: Dinner tours running daily. Lunch tours available on weekend.

Dinner tours operate daily July 12-20

Dinner Tour departs Lodge Docks at 4:25 pm

Lunch tours available Sat., July 13. / Sun., July 14 / Fri., July 19 / Sat., July 20

Lunch Tour departs Lodge Docks at 11:25 am

Breweries Involved: Weasel Boy Brewing

Reservations required. 

More information at www.BurrOakGetaways.com

Email: BurrOakGetaways@gmail.com