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Drink Kölsch style ale with traditional Kölsch service & watch 80’s fantasy movies all day, culminating with a little informal fantasy trivia at 6:30, led by local movie magnate Gordon Briggs. Then we’ll watch the main feature, “Krull” at 7:00!

What is Kolsch service, you may ask? It’s the traditional way that people enjoy Kolsch in Cologne, Germany. Kolsch is served from small, slender 7 oz. glasses called stanges, brought to the table by the server in a special tray that holds about a dozen glasses. When you get your first beer, you are given a beer coaster too, and a hash mark is written on the coaster. Every time you get another glass, the server makes another hash mark on the coaster. When you are ready to settle up, you bring the coaster up to the bartender and pay based on how many marks you have. It’s a super-fun way to drink this simple, clean and crushable German ale style!