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Jon Sparhawk Day in Athens, Ohio is observed in honor of one of our founders, and the inspiration for Ohio Brew Week, Jon Sparhawk.

Each Jon Sparhawk day, the theme is to wear a Hawaiian or Floral shirt and do something positive for someone.

19 years ago, Sparhawk, a local restaurant owner, saw the growing Ohio beer scene as a way to promote business in Athens during the summer months, by way of a week-long festival.

Sparhawk passed away suddenly just before the second-ever Ohio Brew Week. His name and influence were memorialized in the “Sparbock” beer, brewed by Jackie O’s for many years annually for Ohio Brew Week. Jon was a beloved Athens resident, highly involved and known by brewers all over the state.

Help us honor his legacy during the 19th annual Ohio Brew Week by remembering where it all started. See less