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A different barrel aged beer EVERY DAY for the first eight days of Brew Week, along with a different burger each day from The Kitchen at Devil’s Kettle!

There will be an assortment of spirit barrel aged beers and sour beers. Some will be accompanied by limited bottle releases.

None will be guaranteed to last more than one day!

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Friday 7/13 – Bourbon Barrel Demon Blood
Saturday 7/14 – Base of Acid
Sunday 7/15 – Port Barrel 9 1/2 Hours
Monday 7/16 – Currant Conditions
Tuesday 7/17 – Bourbon Barrel 9 1/2 Hours
Wednesday 7/18 – Apricoddled
Thursday 7/19 – Port Barrel Demon Blood
Friday 7/20 – Moody Bluebs