Best in show

You know a brewery is doing something right when they have an entire website section dedicated to awards. When you browse through the huge list of decorated brews, it would be easy to think that maybe they’re doing everything right.

Thirsty Dog Brewing Company in Akron, Ohio has been doing it since 1997. John Najeway was one of the first brewers to see potential in a new celebration of Ohio craft beer that was set to take place in Athens. That support throughout the years helped establish Ohio Brew Week as a can’t-miss regional fest. And, of course, a great place to drink some Thirsty Dog brews. It is an understatement to say that Ohio Brew Week would not be what it is today without Thirsty Dog.

Thirsty Dog consistently impresses beer lovers everywhere, from casual sippers in our home state to beer experts at national competitions. Over the years, brews such as Old Leghumper Robust Porter, Labrador Lager, Hoppus Maximus, Bernese Barleywine and tons of others took home multiple awards from the New York International Beer Competition and The Great American Beer Festival.

When you look at any list about top Ohio beers and breweries, chances are you’ll see Thirsty Dog. The brewery is notable not only for quality, but longevity. 20 years is quite a while in the burgeoning craft beer scene, solidifying Thirsty Dog as a national pioneer.

To mark this longevity, Thirsty Dog is opening a new taproom and kitchen near the brewery. And of course, some special barrel-aged beers will be released this year to celebrate the anniversary.

Moral of the story: you don’t want to miss any offerings from Thirsty Dog, at Ohio Brew Week or otherwise. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to ensure you stay up to date on their high quality brews.