Fifty West returns to Brew Week

2023 marks another great year for Fifty West Brewing Company and Southeast Ohio.

Located in a former roadside speakeasy on US Route 50 heading west into the city of Cincinnati, Fifty West Brewing Company first opened its doors in November of 2012. Since then, one thing has remained the same. Every time you have a Fifty West beer, you know it was handmade in small batches with a focus on the four virtues we hold closest to our hearts: craftsmanship, tradition, innovation, and patience.

The brewery is no stranger to Ohio Brew Week, and over the past years we’ve been lucky to have their beer on draft in Athens for the fest. Unfortunately, that one great week in July was pretty much the only time our region could enjoy their brews.

This expansion is no surprise, as Fifty West made it onto The Brewers Association’s list of fastest growing small and independent craft brewing companies of 2018. We’re glad that their growth directly affects beer fans in our neck of the woods!

But the brewery’s growth means more than just six-packs in grocery stores. Fifty West has also opened a brewpub in Chillicothe. The former Ohio capital is the perfect place to welcome the well-established Cincinnati beer makers. Chillicothe also sits on U.S. 50, so it’s obviously a meaningful next stop for the expanding brewery.

Fifty West represents so much of what is great about this industry. With employees who have strong ties to Ohio University, their beers are a welcome sight both on tap for Ohio Brew Week and on our grocery store shelves. We’re happy to have them back at the fest, bigger and better than ever.