This beer is inspired by our own brewmaster’s trips to Germany. Goldeneye is a traditional German Helles that is medium bodied, mildly sweet with a low bitterness.

Jane Doe Wheat incorporates natural raspberries. She is a summertime favorite for her refreshing and light raspberry flavor. She typically hangs around June until September.

A close relative to the farmhouse ales of Wallonia, Grisettes were brewed to provide sustenance and brightened morale to the industrial workers and miners of the region. Named for the controversial form of currency used in mining towns, Scrip was primarily fermented with Saison yeast and Brettanomyces. It was then aged in oak wine barrels for 9 months, maturing and gaining complexity before refermentation on second use peaches.

Blend of 23-34 month bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stouts. Kameniari is a tribute to the tenacity and resolve of the people of Ukraine.

Wheat wine style ale brewed with honey and aged in bourbon barrels

Our dry cider and mead blended and infused with apple pie spices; dry

Single variety Roxbury Russet apples grown in Ohio; dry