Bubbly, juicy, bright, and sweet— Astra Crush is a beverage classic that dazzles the taste buds with bright orange flavor.

A brew pub exclusive – available for Ohio Brew Week!

Light, refreshing lager with bready notes and a crisp, clean finish.

Sour beer mixed with pineapple purée and Pineapple Express terpenes

“Burning the Ships” is a way of life. It favors the bold — those with guts and gumption. Ship Burner is a Brown Porter with audacity, displaying flavors of dark chocolate and coffee, daring you to face your next adventure with no plan for escape.

If you were to take one bite out of a ripe, Catawba-grown apricot, you would understand our obsession. This beer is not only the catalyst of Twin Oast, but the symbol of our entire mission to bring Catawba back to its agricultural roots.

Fruited sour ale, blend of acai, prickly pear and passionfruit