OBW: Not just in Athens anymore!

Some people who come to Brew Week compare how far they have to travel, vying to be the “farthest traveled.” Millstone BBQ would win, if the discussion was between Brew Week venues.

Millstone BBQ is located off of US33 (you can see it if you drive down from Columbus). They’re in Logan, which of course makes them the most far-out of participating Brew Week venues. Which is awesome for a couple reasons. One, they have amazing barbecue. Two, we get to spread the Brew Week fun outside of the Athens city limits!

We’re happy to have Millstone repping the Brew Week experience outside of Athens! Stop by if you’re on 33, or heck, make a special trip out to Millstone! It’s certainly worth it. They’re open seven days a week, so there’s no excuse not to try the out-of-town Brew Week venue.



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