Platform continues to expand locations and portfolio

While it’s common for many commercial brewers to start out as homebrewers, Ohio has also seen its share of people involved with homebrew supply shops getting into the brewing business.

Platform Beer Co. started along those lines in 2014. Co-owner Paul Benner had previously opened The Cleveland Brew Shop to help inspire and educate those who wished to get into brewing, whether as a hobby or career. Following this philosophy, the young Platform Beer Co. gained attention for its incubator program, which aimed to aid homebrewers wishing to take things to the next level with their beer and business skills.

This passion for sharing the love of beer has helped fuel quite a bit of expansion in the last few years. In 2016 Platform added a 60 BBL brewhouse, and their wide range of distinctive cans stand out on store shelves around the state.

In 2017 they opened a Columbus location that houses the original 3.5 BBL system used in Cleveland. Columbus was a no-brainer for the brewery, which had already collaborated with other Ohio Brew Week favorites from the area such as Seventh Son and Land-Grant.

Platform continued its expansion across Ohio with a location in Cincinnati, which just opened earlier this year. The dynamic new spot, dubbed “LOCOBA” (local coffee barrels) sports a coffee shop, tasting room and kitchen.

And while we are OHIO Brew Week, we have to mention that Platform also announced plans for a Pittsburgh location.

These expansions give Platform a firm grip on the midwest taproom scene, with a unique draw to each location. Longtime fans will have plenty of reason to hit up every spot.

Check out our beer list to see where you can try Platform beers during Ohio Brew Week and make sure to visit their new Pittsburgh taproom!